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Brother Speed Motorcycle Club was officially established in May of 1969, although the roots of the club began much earlier.  As I recall, it was about 1960 in the third grade, when two other guys and I struck up a friendship and started hanging around together. (We later became charter members of the Boise Chapter). The fact that all of our fathers rode motorcycles also provided a common interest that brought us together.  During high school we eventually graduated into the larger bikes. 

Boise, in 1967, was such a small town, we knew everyone who owned a Harley or was in the process of building one. There were quite a few of us hanging around together and even though a few of us had joined the military, or were lost to the draft, our numbers continued to grow, including some that had just returned from The Vietnam War.

In the spring of 1969, Hollywood produced a few biker movies, thus making a biker a popular thing to be. We saw an influx of guys building bikes and wanting to ride together. We then decided to run an ad in our local paper stating that anyone who was interested in riding together and starting a motorcycle club should attend the meeting that we had organized. We had at least twenty guys attend the first meeting, and a couple of weeks later we came up with the name, Brother Speed. One of the guys had a sketched drawing of a winged skull with the helmet, goggles, and scarf that became our center patch.

The following year we started chapters in Logan, Utah and in Portland, Oregon. Since then, with our outstanding motorcycles and members that are always having the most fun, we have established a total of 11 chapters here in the Northwest.

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